Veteran Hiring Grants

Ease of Application = 3
Simplicity of Reporting = 4
Cost Benefit to Company = 5
Wide Spread Applicability = 5

The VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011 provided for a number of tax credits for employers who hire Veterans. The only qualification is that the veteran must have been out of work for at least 4 weeks during the previous year. These weeks do not have to be consecutive.

The tax credit starts when the veteran has worked for you for at least 120 hours. It increases the more he works. Additional credits are given for veterans who have been out of work for at least 6 months in the previous year or are disabled. The maximum credit is $9600, though $2400 would be typical for many veterans.

THE CATCH: You need to file a Certification Request within 28 days of hiring the veteran, so don’t wait!! This Request is filed with your local workforce agency.

BOTTOM LINE: This is an excellent program for any employer. Not only will they be getting a seasoned veteran, but the government will be giving them credit to do so.

Continental offers free consultation on implementing the VOW to Hire Heroes Act including how to file the required paperwork and how to locate a qualified veteran. Contact Jim Marroquin at 765-778-9999 x343 or email her at