Really Cool Workforce Programs – An 8 Part Series

Continental is launching an 8 Part Series outlining Workforce Programs available in the State of Indiana that are worth the effort. Each Program will be evaluated based on

  1. Ease of Application
  2. Simplicity of Reporting
  3. Cost Benefit to Company
  4. Wide Spread Applicability

We also invite our readers to comment on these Programs and especially invite your first hand evaluation of the effectiveness of these programs.

The first program we will outline is the On the Job Training (OJT) Grants.

  • Ease of Application = 3
  • Simplicity of Reporting = 4
  • Cost Benefit to Company = 5
  • Wide Spread Applicability = 2

The OJT Program gives grants for companies to hire and train workers who are unemployed or under-employed (earning substantially less than their previous job). The grants can typically pay for half of the employee’s salary for up to 6 months while he or she is being trained on the job. This grant’s purpose is to encourage companies to hire these workers, utilizing the grant dollars to cover the companies extraordinary cost of training.

The company must first pre-qualify for the grant and must select the jobs they would need the OJT funds for. This requires a few fairly simple forms and one or two site visits from the Work One representative. A simple OJT program must be written for the positions.

The worker must be pre-approved by Work One as an unemployed or underemployed person BEFORE he or she is hired. This requires the worker to visit a Work One office to be screened and validated.

Once the worker is hired and the OJT commences, the reporting form is fairly simple. This can be filled out monthly or at the end of the OJT period. The OJT reimbursement is typically paid within 30 days of the report being filed.

THE CATCH: Funds for the OJT programs come and go. Sometimes they are designated for a particular industry.

ANOTHER CATCH: These funds are only for new workers and do not apply for your existing workforce.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a very good program if you are creating jobs that require OJT including lower skilled and highly skilled jobs. This program is not applicable if you have a very stable workforce without much turnover or expansion.

To learn more about how you can utilize this service please contact our workforce specialist, Cathy Mellinger at, call 765-778-9999 ext. 343 or simply complete our contact form we will contact you!