The TRUE Cost of a Bad Hire

  Not every employee works out. Sometimes they turn out to be lazy. Sometimes they steal. And sometimes they body slam and drop kick a fellow employee during orientation. The Story An HR professional recently told us a story of one of her bad hires that we all got a kick out of. The position […]

Do You Trust Your Quality Inspection Provider

As a Quality Manager or Business Manager, you look at forced sorts as a sort of tax.  One that you hate to pay and one that you want to get rid of as fast as you can.  Unfortunately your sorting company has a different view of sorts.  The longer the sort goes on, the more […]

Veteran Hiring Grants

Ease of Application = 3 Simplicity of Reporting = 4 Cost Benefit to Company = 5 Wide Spread Applicability = 5 The VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011 provided for a number of tax credits for employers who hire Veterans. The only qualification is that the veteran must have been out of work for […]

National Quality Network

We have a Rep for that Continental has a national quality network of Quality Representatives covering the United States.  If you have a quality issue in Topeka Kansas, we have a Rep for that.  If your customer says you have non conforming parts in Shreveport, LA, we have a Rep for that.  If you just […]

Really Cool Workforce Programs – An 8 Part Series

Continental is launching an 8 Part Series outlining Workforce Programs available in the State of Indiana that are worth the effort. Each Program will be evaluated based on Ease of Application Simplicity of Reporting Cost Benefit to Company Wide Spread Applicability We also invite our readers to comment on these Programs and especially invite your […]