Product Development

Our focus is on engineering your product for quality and durability. We offer complete product development services including R & D, product design and engineering. As a manufacturing firm, we understand how to design products for ease of manufacturing with cost effective design solutions.

Our long history of product development and engineering spans product lines that include lighting, plastics, glass, metal and rubber components.

Prototyping and Testing

Often a rough prototype is required for proof a concept or to attract investors in the early stages of product development. These product mock-ups can often be produced at a low cost in house. “Production intent” or final prototyping is dones through our strategic partners. Required testing is out-sourced to a certified lab. Our intent is to provide you with the mock-ups you require at the lowest cost possible.

Value Added Sourcing

Finding the lowest cost producer for your components of final product is a specialty of Continental’s. We quote proven, local suppliers as well as high-quality offshore manufacturers. Our sourcing efforts will find the supplier that can meet your pricing volume and quality needs.

Your company can leverage our experience with offshore manufacturers that are proven in you product family. You wil receive a complete quote including shipping, cost comparisons, and product samples before you make your decision.

We specialize in lighting, LEDs, plastics, electronics and complex assemblies.