Product Development – Taking Your Napkin Sketch To Production

Taking a product from idea to market requires a complex set of coordinated steps:

  • Napkin Sketch (Concept)
  • Rough Drawing
  • Rough Prototype
  • Completed Drawings
  • Final Prototype
  • Testing
  • Modifications
  • Design finalized and released
  • Sourcing Tooling
  • Production
  • Quality Verification
  • Packaging
  • Shipping

To make this process even more complex, today’s global environment requires an understanding of global resources to find the low cost supplier for your product. Whether you manufacture all or part of your product in the US, Asia or other low-cost country, depends on the nature of the product and the volume required.

Often the best mix is to manufacture components of the product overseas and assemble and test the completed product in the US. However, for low volume products it is usually more cost effective to utilize local sources.

We also find that the design and engineering of the product is best done locally, in tight coordination with the inventor. This opinion is based on our experience of seeing numberous porducts made overseas that looked good, but had catastrophic failure early in the product life, due to poor engineering or design. The newspapers are filled with these types of situations that can often pose a serious safety risk as well (example: Mattel toy recall 2007).

Continental provides or sources all of the above steps to bring your idea to production. We offer a free evaluation of your product or idea, no matter what stage it is in, along with an outline of your product development steps as rough associated costs. To get started, simply fill out the attached form. We will sign and send a confidentiality agreement and then arrange a conference or visit to explore your product.