Local or Outsourced Assembly Services

Our trained operators can assemble many products in our low-cost central Indiana facility. Keeping the assembly localized allows our customers more flexibility and the ability to reduce order quantity.

For customers who are able to order container quantities (43,000 pounds or ____ cubic feet of goods) an overseas assembler may be you best solution. We have strategic partners that can assemble your product and either ship it directly to you, your customer or Continental’s warehouse for order fulfillment.

Quality Inspections

A company can quickly lose all of their cost savings from global sourcing withone bad quality problem. We provide quality management for products produced in house or with our local or global suppliers. Our quality services include 100% inspection on any new source and/or product and random quality audits on each order for validated suppliers. If you experience a quality problem in the field, we will provide quality inspectors on your customer’s site and can also provide customers quality reps at your customer’s site on an ongoing basis. In today’s competitive world, 100% quality the only acceptable standard.


Continental can bulk ship your products or unitize it for the end user. We can also quote on individual packaging including blister packaging, shrink packaging and skin packaging. All of our pallets are stretch wrapped prior to shipment. This protects your shipment and avoids costly shipping damage.