Continental Inc. – Anderson, Indiana

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In the mid eighties automotive lighting products were revolutionized by the introduction of the halogen light bulb, allowing car makers to provide aerodynamic, sleek lighting for new vehicles rather than the traditional round sealed-beam lights in use at the time.  This new technology allowed for a wide variety of styling options and created a huge demand for new designs, since each carmaker wanted a fresh look for their new vehicles.

In early 1985 Bill Nagengast arrived in Anderson, IN to assist General Motors’ Guide Lamp Division in this major transition.  It soon became evident that GM Guide needed more design support, which prompted Bill, COO, and Judy Nagengast, CEO, to start Continental Design Company.

From its inception, Continental was committed to providing experienced designers and technical services at reasonable rates to support its customers. As Continental grew, its reputation grew for innovative, cost-effective solutions on a foundation of design and technical expertise. Continental was responsible for a number of technical innovations and applications including an innovative virtual reality program that resulted in Continental being name a finalist for the PACE award.

In 1995 Continental expanded its range of services with the acquisition of a local engineering firm, DuPouy & Associates.  This acquisition broadened Continental’s capabilities with manufacturing and engineering services.  To reflect these changes, Continental changed its name to Continental Design & Engineering.

In 2004, Continental took another step forward by adding Quality Engineering Services to its roster, including sorting, inspection and containment services.  In 2007, after servicing manufacturers for over 20 years, Continental started its own manufacturing operation to provide lighting products for automotive companies. With its long history in the lighting industry and the wealth of technical talent available in Central Indiana, Continental quickly developed a specialty in producing complex automotive lamps for OEM and service applications.

In the spring of 2007, to better reflect its expanded range of services, Continental Design & Engineering again changed its name to Continental Inc and organized the company into 4 distinct divisions:

•    Continental Design & Engineering                             •    Continental Quality Engineering

•    Continental Professional Services                              •    Continental Manufacturing

Today, Continental has the know-how and experience to help companies design, develop and manufacture their products either in their own facility or on an outsourced basis.