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Continental Inc. is Pleased to Announce…

Continental Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Paul Wysong to our executive staff as the Vice President of Quality. Paul is here to assist our customers in all of their quality needs, from Quality Engineering Projects and PPAP to sorting and containment. Paul’s greatest joy in his career is when he is faced […]

cost of a bad hire

The TRUE Cost of a Bad Hire

  Not every employee works out. Sometimes they turn out to be lazy. Sometimes they steal. And sometimes they body slam and drop kick a fellow employee during orientation. The Story An HR professional recently told us a story of one of her bad hires that we all got a kick out of. The position […]


2012 Update to the 2011 Unemployment Insurance Tax Booklet

Before the new 2011 and 2012 rates were implemented, the State Chamber of Commerce worked with the State Legistature to reduce these rates to a maximum of 7.4% rather than 10.2%. This was commendable. I have included the new rates on the PDF Update to the 2011 Unemployment Insurance Tax eBooklet available for digital download. […]


Do You Trust Your Quality Inspection Provider

As a Quality Manager or Business Manager, you look at forced sorts as a sort of tax.  One that you hate to pay and one that you want to get rid of as fast as you can.  Unfortunately your sorting company has a different view of sorts.  The longer the sort goes on, the more […]


A Solution To Offshore Quality Problems

If you use offshore suppliers, then you have received product with quality issues.  Now you have to pull your people off the line to inspect and sort the shipment, costing time and money.  Continental has a solution to offshore quality problems. Continental accepts national and international shipments at our centrally located Indiana facility.  We will […]

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